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Friday, July 28, 2006

check it out

Last night, after a great dinner at Marisco's with a good friend of mine, drove home listening to this new radio station, and having a great time. They are playing good and different alt. music, and lots of it, so check it out.
I know radio is a struggling medium these days (so is newsprint for that matter), but I've always loved listening to the radio and mourned the end of every good indie radio station (kiot, the old kbac), so it's great to have another station to set my preset to.
And now back to Friday, the last day of a hell of a long week. The day began, as most do, with a rant from someone. I'm amazed by the sheer number of people who communicate to this paper (and every paper I've been associated with) with the castigation "you ought to be ashamed of yourself," it's like some weird ingrained puritan thing people must pull out when they can't figure out why they're so angry. But, taking commentary from the angry and often-unemployed is part of my job, so that's cool. I just don't relate very well to self-righteousness as an emotion. Self-deprecation, on the other hand...
J Five tomorrow at Paolo! I'm very pysched. Hope it doesn't get rained out or on, maybe it could rain before and after?
Finally, loved Slate's lead story today. But I'll warn you, it is about dogs.
I love Slate, I just think it's a fucking great magazine. I used to love Salon, but I just don't read it as much since its redesign. It's completely offputting in some way, although the content is still good.
Other things I'm liking right now:
the rain
Season One of Weeds (Did the city council ban smoking pot in bars? I can't remember)
that Best Of is over (I promise to stop saying that anymore, but it does just feel so freaking calm in here now)

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I think everything went pretty well. The awards ceremony & party appeared to be popular. I have very little memory of any of it, it's just a big 'ol blur.
I do recall the governor stopping by our Best Of Party (he came in 2nd for Best politician. Again, remember, the readers vote on these things).
And the staff writers, Dan and Nate, and I, thought it would be funny to have our picture taken with the governor. So here it is. I look: confused, tired and very sweaty.
I recall trying to get the governor to commit to giving us an exclusive when he announces he's running for president. I don't recall if he agreed or not.
I think we alarmed the governor a little bit, we were kind of hyper. And slightly drunk, frankly. The three of us (we were all presenters at the ceremony) made several bad jokes on the governor's behalf during the ceremony. He wasn't there until the party, but I sincerely doubt he would have found our jokes funny. Many of the audience members also didn't seem to think they were very funny; I think I heard some gasping. But, ya know, you have to make fun of politicans, right? Right? Well, anyway, I'm posting this photo, despite the fact that I'm a little embarassed by it. As a general rule, taking photos with politicians isn't really my bag, although I do have a photo of myself interviewing Ralph Nader that is equally ridiculous.

Friday, July 21, 2006


here's what I know.

It's Friday. We've met the two press deadlines for today.
Two more to go on Monday and Tuesday.
Then BOSF awards ceremony and party.
And then
and then
and then

as I have almost no brain cell capacity left, I'll leave you with this disgusting, yet weirdly, hilarious, youtube video. warning: Don't eat while watching it.

Yes, we at SFR have been consumed with watching youtube videos to relieve stress.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Izaguirre's blooper

Did Cynthia Izaguirre really do this?. Oh my freaking God!!! At least the guy cracked up over it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

am incredibly sick of conservative politics

for example, Bush's expected veto of the stem cell bill, with some interesting info on the Udall family, of which our congressman Tom Udall is a member.
I hope the backlash against so-called religion without compassion starts soon.
On another note, although a similar one, heard this yesterday on NPR and found it very strange. Partly just for its content, but also because Brian from Standard Market and I were talking in Whole Foods the day before it aired and he was telling me the same exact thing, although I thought it was just a private theory he had.
OK, seriously leaving.

Monday, July 17, 2006

frequently asked questions about this blog


1. Why haven't you been blogging?

I'm incredibly busy right now working on our Best of Santa Fe issue that publishes next week. It's almost 150 pages long and it's quite an intensive experience. I just don't feel like I have time for anything else.

2. But weren't you at The Violent Femmes show Saturday night at Paolo?

Yes, I was at the Femmes show. I didn't say I was working around the clock, per se, just a lot.

3. How was the show?

It was actually really good; I was pretty impressed.

4. Don't you think it's pretty unimpressive to have a blog and not write on it for, like, two weeks?

Yes, I think that is pretty lame but, as I said, I've been kind of busy. For example, I can't even get through this blog post without having to take phone calls from Best Of winners who want their photos retaken.

5. Can they do that?

They can ask, but we can't go out and reshoot them for no reason. We're in the middle of production right now.

6. Why are people so annoying?

I wish I knew.

7. Do you think there will ever be peace on earth?

not looking so hot this week, but here's hoping.

8. Are you looking forward to the invitation-only Best of Santa Fe July 25 event at The Lensic?

Yes, because that's how I'll know this is all over.

9. Am I invited to BOSF?

If you won you are. If not, come to Swig afterwards and buy me a drink.

10. Do you feel that stress makes you drink more?
No, I have a two-drink minimum no matter what the circumstances.

11. Is that because you don't want to drink and drive?
Mostly it's because I throw up if I have more than two drinks.

12. Is that your phone ringing again?

Sigh. Yes, I suppose it is.

Friday, July 07, 2006

why does a short week feel long?

I woke up this morning, again when it was dark out, convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt (want to waste half an hour? Go online and try to find out the etymology of the idiom "beyond the shadow of a doubt") that it was Saturday morning. I finally realized it couldn't be because Friday night I was supposed to go to the Site Santa Fe opening at SWIG (have no idea what SWIG's new web site is). And once I realized I hadn't done that yet I realized it must be Friday, not Saturday.
Now it's almost over and, as mentioned, I'm going to the biennial SITE thingie tonight, possibly stopping at Chicanobuilt after but just as likely going home and I CAN NOT WAIT. This rain is making me woozy! Yo!
In other news…um, there is no other news, I'm going home and I'm taking a disco nap and tomorrow it will be Saturday and I don't have to be anywhere until 10 am when I go to the gym to work out with my trainer. Yes, my trainer.
Speaking of gym, I was working out last night when a drunk man began hitting on me. Drunk! At the gym! Of course, you'd have to be drunk to hit on me at the gym because I am the most slovenly gym dresser you've ever seen, extremely unattractive, although my new Nikes are kind of cute. But anyway, doesn't drinking and going to the gym seem kind of ridiculous?
The boy suggested that perhaps the drunk man wasn't hitting on me, he just felt like talking because he was drunk. This would seem unlikely, except the boy, also, has seen me in my workout clothes and it's really not a very provocative sight.

On the less completely-banal tip, doesn't it seem like this story would have made us hysterical, as a country, a few years ago (five years, that is).
Also, apparently Richardson will be on Meet the Press this Sunday at 6 am to discuss the North Korea situation.
J says we should just ignore North Korea.
The president says we probably maybe could have shot down the missile.
And what is up with all these government computers getting stolen?. And shouldn't information be a little more secure these days?
And, on the global warming beat, these two pieces of info:
Apparently biofuels may not be the answer to our problems.
And wind power is likely not in the offing for the offices of SFR; we (meaning the owner) got an estimate from PNM and the amount it would likely raise our monthly bill is not very doable for us at the moment.
But we are going to institute some things to try to cut down use, courtesy several of Tom Blog's suggestions, as well as suggestions from PNM.
Speaking of energy, I'm totally out of mine.
Have a great weekend!

PS: I think Randall Balmer's book sounds interesting. Isn't it weird all the people who live in Santa Fe?

PPS: Speaking of which, I totally forgot to mention that I'm about 85 percent certain I had a bizarre Shirley MacLaine encounter on July 4. A quick recap:

Me, Boy & JP, standing against wall across from Tia Sophia's, waiting for a table

Possible Shirley McC lookalike walks by with two other folks, stops, turns around and addresses us: Are you waiting for a table?
ME, JP: Yes
PSMCC: There's pancakes on the Plaza today you know!
US: Yes, there's about an hour wait for them, though.
PSMCC: Are you eating at Tia's?
US: Yes
PSMCC: That's a big favorite with the locals!
US: Yes
PSMCC: Are you locals?
US: Yes
PSMCC: Happy Fourth of July!

And she was pretty much a dead ringer for SMCC, but I'm slightly sucky at celebrity certainty, although JP was pretty certain.
OK, now I'm really done.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

girl tired

but not too tired to enjoy this slate piece that explains yes, Ken Lay could have died from stress.
Also enjoyed this story about the conspiracy theories thereof.
Very much looking forward to lying down. Keep waking up at 4:30 a.m., making coffee and watching the rain. It's very French noir if you ignore what I'm wearing during these early morning meditations (old sweat shorts, gap tank top) and the panting dogs.
Well, I guess I better go swing by the opening of the Victoria Price Gallery.
Then I'm going to go home and collapse.
Before getting up to go to the gym.
OK then.

Monday, July 03, 2006

weekend recap

Albuquerque: crowded, lots of street activity. Dinner: mediocre. Mix Master Mike, the serious shiznit. 2 a.m. Drive back to Santa Fe: hideous, mostly due to ridiculous exhaustion, I'd been ready to go to bed since about 5 pm.
Pool time: good to excellent. Two sessions with Dan and Darius, one also with Darius' very cute nieces. Just enough sun to work on tan, but not enough to create sun sickness.
Ozo: seriously wet. Good show, but cold and wet. Lots of people. Not enough food. Too long lines. But a good time, nonetheless.
Monday pretending to be Tuesday deadline day: disconcerting, not so bad so far (knock on fake wood desk thing).
Plans for Fourth: Invited to three parties, probably attend just the one and only Tom Sharpe Fourth Party (not sure why my Independence Day ritual involves going to a party mostly attended by The New Mexican staff; must be some kind of hidden meaning here, but mostly I think it's just cause it's a fun party).
Headache: medium.
House Cleaning: Definitely should.
Thunder: Pretty sure I just heard it.
Pancake Breakfast: Planning on it
Reason for Lack of complete sentences: No freaking clue.