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Thursday, July 27, 2006


I think everything went pretty well. The awards ceremony & party appeared to be popular. I have very little memory of any of it, it's just a big 'ol blur.
I do recall the governor stopping by our Best Of Party (he came in 2nd for Best politician. Again, remember, the readers vote on these things).
And the staff writers, Dan and Nate, and I, thought it would be funny to have our picture taken with the governor. So here it is. I look: confused, tired and very sweaty.
I recall trying to get the governor to commit to giving us an exclusive when he announces he's running for president. I don't recall if he agreed or not.
I think we alarmed the governor a little bit, we were kind of hyper. And slightly drunk, frankly. The three of us (we were all presenters at the ceremony) made several bad jokes on the governor's behalf during the ceremony. He wasn't there until the party, but I sincerely doubt he would have found our jokes funny. Many of the audience members also didn't seem to think they were very funny; I think I heard some gasping. But, ya know, you have to make fun of politicans, right? Right? Well, anyway, I'm posting this photo, despite the fact that I'm a little embarassed by it. As a general rule, taking photos with politicians isn't really my bag, although I do have a photo of myself interviewing Ralph Nader that is equally ridiculous.