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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Send money, now

No, that's not an order. Don't you love it when people ignore their blogs and then the minute they post again, it's all, "send me money, send me money."
I don't really want you to send me money. But it would be cool if you'd send my sister some.
My sister, Abby, is running her first marathon in a week in San Diego, California. It's a marathon to raise money for leukemia. I'm still not entirely clear how or why fundraising for diseases and marathons have become inextricably linked, but, at any rate, obviously this is a good cause. And all the more remarkable if you knew my family, whose family crest (if we had one) would read: We Only Run When Chased.
I'm flying to San Diego next weekend to cheer on my sister at the finish line. And, if leukemia/blood diseases are an issue you care about, or you just want to support a good cause and a very sincere and good person (different gene pool), please consider sponsoring her.
Click here for the link.