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Friday, March 28, 2008

I can't hardly wait

for April 18, St. Louis (new environs of my friend Samia). Because I am going to go visit her and see The Roots, my favorite hip hop band that I have been trying—and failing—to see for years. (And who also are going to be playing in Philly the weekend I'm there in June, so I will get to see them twice, and in their hometown of Philly, which is also my hometown.
So even though I can't breathe, like, at all, and even though my allergies are apparently going to be bothering me for another month and, off and on, until my 90s, I am happy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pretty funny

Today's dooce post about the raccoon in her chimney made me laugh, especially the pictures.
Last night a group of us took our very young writer out for drinks to celebrate his birthday. I lasted about an hour and a half before I had to go home and make sure Nero was OK (which he was, except for being restless and smelly). DM had said his goal for the night was to get drunk (he had a designated driver, yes). I found this sort of amusing that he actually had set this as a goal, as I am much more the accidentally drunk type, as in, "I just had two sips of my drink and now I'm drunk. Damn low alcohol tolerance." Ah, what a difference a decade makes, eh?

Friday, March 21, 2008

My friday afternoon post-apocalyptic frame of mind

The year is 2057. I still work at the Reporter, even though every one else in Santa Fe has been eaten by zombies.

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richardson's endorsement, in case you missed it

this is how I feel right now

good timing for richardson

I think it's cool Richardson is endorsing Obama today. I had been, previously, of the mind that Richardson had kind of missed any opportunity to make a meaningful endorsement and that, having waited until the races in the West were done, he had kind of lost his shot. But I think choosing to do so now, while Obama is in the midst of all this controversy for acknowledging there is racial tension in the country (note sarcasm), is awesome. And kinda ballsy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

too much information

I'm kind of fascinated by the new guv of New York's disclosure that he had several affairs. Will this be the new trend? Politicos, in an attempt to preempt being outed, will just hold press conferences to announce their affairs, visits to hookers, intravenous drug use, wet dreams, evil thoughts, carbo-loading, anorexia, S & M festishes, Michael Bolton obsessions?
I don't know about all this honest forthcoming stuff. What the heck will the evening news pundits spit on one another about about if the stigma of being human becomes mundane?

p.s. Salon's broadsheet take on this is pretty funny.

p.p.s: Where's New Mexico's sex scandals, anyway? Got any to share. Send them to me!

Monday, March 17, 2008

How awesome is this?

"Four Horsemen" by Laura Brink

So Saturday night four of us went to Beaux Arts and, before I knew what was happening, I had scratched my bidder number down on the above drawing by Laura Brink, an artist I've always admired here in Santa Fe (she did a wonderful cover for us some years back). And, before I knew it, I had placed the winning bid. I hadn't quite expected that to happen. Normally the fun, for me, at auctions is bidding and knowing I am not going to have the winning bid. Of course, I bid about 35 seconds before the auction ended. Fortunately it was a silent auction. My big fear at live auctions is I will get carried away and bid for some $20,000 weekend villa in Bora Bora and then have to run screaming from the room chased by auction police. Anyway, buying art doesn't quite fit in with the plan I JUST MADE to save money to restucco my sad house, but the thing of it is, I spend more time looking at my interior walls than my exterior ones, and, really, does anyone lie on their death bed thinking, "I should have fixed my stucco."? No, they do not.
In defense of my out-of-control purchase, I did have several people whispering in my ear the equivalent of, "do it. do it. do it." And despite my alleged moxie, I am actually very prone to peer pressure.
Also, I love it. I think it's pretty fabulous. And it cost less than an expensive pair of shoes would. Not less than an expensive pair of shoes on sale, mind you, but still.

In Focus

So, last week I was a guest on KNME's In Focus show. I haven't actually watched it yet. The boy watched it Friday night as I drove to ABQ. to pick up a friend from the airport. He said I did well (he's biased), noting, specifically that I "give better speeches than George Bush" but should have worn earrings. You know, you can't pay for that kind of feedback.

p.s. love the screen capture on this. Very attractive.

Friday, March 14, 2008

okay okay okay

I feel like I've been really really busy, too busy to blog, but maybe that's bullshit. It takes like 10 minutes to blog and no one is that busy. Maybe I've been too busy to think, or maybe I just haven't been—gasp of horror—in the mood! Ha! But, seriously, it's been busy. Yesterday I taped a segment for KNME's n Focus program, which airs tonight, on channel 5, at 7 pm. I may actually try to watch it although, based on past experience, I won't get through all of it. I don't like watching myself on video too much, which is fairly ridiculous since I seem to now spend half my time editing myself on video. This weekend, I am being interviewed for an hour-long radio profile. Apparently I have become a media whore. So be it: It's a victimless crime, after all.
The only bad part of taping the show was driving to Albuquerque. Did you know that at 3:30 pm in Albuquerque, there are 3 million people on the road? The traffic was really intense. Why aren't people at work at 3:30 in the afternoon? I mean, I guess I wasn't at work either but that was kind of an exception to things. And I have to drive back to Albuquerque tonight circa 8 pm to pick up a friend from the airport, although I've warned him that if the 55 mile an hour winds actually do manifest, he may have to pick me up from the side of the road where I and the tin can I drive have blown. Tomorrow night, I am planning to hit The Beaux Arts ball. That is always a fun party, although I am still slightly confused by a costume party in March (I swear this event is usually at Halloween). Whatever: I'm sure it will be fun.
OK, thus ends a really boring blog post, but at least I wrote something and no one can say I'm a slacker who now spends all her time fidgeting with imovie and playing scramble on facebook.

New City motto

"Come for the wind. Stay for the gross receipts tax." copyright julia goldberg

It's got potential, right? I just thought of it as I scurried down the street, propelled by 90 mile an hour winds and clots of dirt hitting me in the face. I stopped in a store to escape it and spent some money. If you'd like to buy this motto from me, I am open to all offers.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

radio thursday

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

rake the muck

I'm too busy to write or think. But please do check out, in honor of Sunshine Week, Dave Maass' rad new undertaking, The web site. And let us know what you find out there!

Friday, March 07, 2008

grumble grumble

Because I don't think it's reasonable that I should have my first wave of allergies while there is still snow on the ground. I am cold, it is too bright out and my head is pounding. Also, my heart is pounding because I took two Excedrin sinus AND had two cups of coffee. I blame nature. Or God. Or the City Council. Can't they outlaw pollen while they are outlawing everything else?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

today's radio show with honey on kbac

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Boy it's a busy day

1. Of course, it's deadline day.
2. And there's a city election.
3. Not to mention, the possible conclusion of the Democratic presidential primary.
4. Maybe the jury will render a verdict in VVM/Bay Guardian lawsuit?
5. Most important of all: It's the boy's birthday. Happy birthday Monkey boy!