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Monday, March 17, 2008

How awesome is this?

"Four Horsemen" by Laura Brink

So Saturday night four of us went to Beaux Arts and, before I knew what was happening, I had scratched my bidder number down on the above drawing by Laura Brink, an artist I've always admired here in Santa Fe (she did a wonderful cover for us some years back). And, before I knew it, I had placed the winning bid. I hadn't quite expected that to happen. Normally the fun, for me, at auctions is bidding and knowing I am not going to have the winning bid. Of course, I bid about 35 seconds before the auction ended. Fortunately it was a silent auction. My big fear at live auctions is I will get carried away and bid for some $20,000 weekend villa in Bora Bora and then have to run screaming from the room chased by auction police. Anyway, buying art doesn't quite fit in with the plan I JUST MADE to save money to restucco my sad house, but the thing of it is, I spend more time looking at my interior walls than my exterior ones, and, really, does anyone lie on their death bed thinking, "I should have fixed my stucco."? No, they do not.
In defense of my out-of-control purchase, I did have several people whispering in my ear the equivalent of, "do it. do it. do it." And despite my alleged moxie, I am actually very prone to peer pressure.
Also, I love it. I think it's pretty fabulous. And it cost less than an expensive pair of shoes would. Not less than an expensive pair of shoes on sale, mind you, but still.