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Monday, December 31, 2007

one last thing

Democracy for New Mexico has a great round-up of all the various top 10 year end lists from various media sources (including SFR). In case you want to catch up on '07 before it's gone!

is it next year yet?

Well, here we are on the last day of the year. I am ending the year:

1. at work, on deadline.
2. queasy and on antibiotics (damn tooth)
3. with one less wisdom tooth than I had (but I still have three, prompting way too many people to say, "you still have your wisdom teeth at your age?" People, I'm not 100 years old.)
4. I forgot my phone today and it's freezing in here, but the boy just delivered the phone and a non-fat latte, so I'm feeling a little less persecuted.
5. Since SFR isn't sponsoring a party tonight, for the first time in years, and since I can't even have a drink (damn antibiotics) I will forgo public revelry tonight and ring in '08 with Darius and others and a nice quiet game of Scrabble and maybe some Boggle. Um, maybe I am 100 years old?
Happy New Year everyone. See you...wait for it—next year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I wish I was home in bed

Yesterday's dental situation ended at 5 pm with me, in the chair of an oral surgeon, having a wisdom tooth extracted. I should, without question, be home on the nice drugs they gave me. Instead I am here, doing final edits (we go to press Monday instead of Tuesday) and arguing via e-mail with Journal Santa Fe editor Mark Oswald about why I consider it wrong for a paper to read a story we write, re-report it, and then write it themselves, and not mention where the idea came from. Which is exactly what happened, according to the e-mail Oswald forwarded me from the Journal Santa Fe reporter in question who admits he got the idea for his story from our story.
Oh well, I feel like I've been arguing with Oswald about this for the better part of my 30s, and even my citation of the ethics hotline at Poynter doesn't appear to hold any weight with him. Even my citation of The New York Times and The Washington Post can't convince him. I feel like that scene in Annie Hall when the famous guy steps out of the movie line to tell the guy talking about him that he's wrong about his work. Or, rather, I feel like it would be nice if something like that would happen. Do you know which scene I mean? Because these drugs are kind of muddling my cognitive process. I sort of feel like calling the ethics hotline again, but since that would involve talking, which would involve taking the gauze out of my mouth, I think I'll leave it until next week. Or maybe I'll get every journalism expert I know, plus a few reporters from big newspapers, to put it in writing for me, since the only journalists I've ever met who think it's OK to not cite the work of another paper are the ones who work for the two dailies in Santa Fe.
OK, that sentence just screamed out Percoset.
Happy New Year! Hopefully I'll have most of my teeth the next time I write.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Anyone know a good dentist for someone who is really scared of dentists?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Overheard the sunday before xmas

"I wish I was going there."
-Santa Fe city policeman. Talking to me, as he notes my purchase @ Giant
of a six pack of beer and some red vines.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have discovered that within my house there is at least one of every
item that has ever existed, except for: a sewing needle, which is what I
am looking for.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the final hours

We are almost finished with our end-of-the-year double issue and my eyes hurt so much from so much reading they might fall out of my head at any moment. I had planned on spending my week off doing fun reading (have received many books as gifts of late, particularly from Samia!), but now I'm thinking I may have to give the old peepers a little rest.
I don't know if I'll be interneting over my break—not checking email or facebook is kinda nice sometimes. We'll see. But if I don't make it back, happy hols y'all.

Monday, December 17, 2007

If you missed SFR staff writer David Alire Garcia's story on state Rep. Jim Trujillo's opposition to new clean-car emissions rules, never fear, The Journal North ripped it off from us and ran with it today, six days later. Way to go! Thanks so much for noting we had it first...oh wait, you didn't!

Friday, December 14, 2007

undone by bureacracy

As long-time readers may recall, once upon a time I used to spend too much time in traffic court. I have been law-abiding, however, for several years now so imagine my surprise, yesterday, when I received a notice that my license had been suspended for failing to appear in court.
I felt a sense of cold weariness as I looked at the notice. It was like, it's hopeless, I'm hopeless. How could I have let this happen? Again?
And then it dawned on me: This is bullshit.
I never thought this blog would also be a good way for me to keep track of my criminal activity, but I remembered that the last time I appeared in court was so traumatic that not only did I swear I'd never break another traffic law again, I also swore, to myself, that I would keep every citation and every clearance with me at all times (because I was positive, last time, that I'd already paid the damn thing once, but I had no receipt and no credibility and, thus, paid it again).
Not this time.
Sure enough, the state Motor Vehicle Division sent me yet another notice telling me my license had been suspended for failing to appear in court for the same 2005 offense I had taken care of and paid. And this time, my friends, I still had my receipt.
I called muni court where the person who answered told me, with a bored and superior tone in her voice, I'd need to come down there.
"I'm not coming down there," I said. "You're finding someone to help me. I didn't do anything wrong!"
Clearly something in my voice actually got through (the murderous rage?). Because the next person I talked to, Jessica, was actually helpful and sympathetic (I know, right?).
She told me I was about the 50th person having this issue this week because MVD had waited two years to enter data and had now entered it all in one month and had, apparently, made a lot of mistakes. She said she'd fax the clearance to them, along with a waiver from Judge Yalman of the $25 reinstatement fee.
I waited a few hours and called MVD. I know, I know. I called MVD. I'm crazy. When they finally answered, I was told: "We don't got no fax." And was told there was no record of suspension or anything else on my record.
"I'm holding the suspension in my hand," I said, through gritted teeth.
I called Jessica back and got her to fax me the clearance.
I called MVD again to get their fax number (which isn't on their web site, of course). I faxed them all my info along with a letter explaining that they were going to fax me my cleared license information.
This morning when I came in, there was a fax from MVD. A completely incomprehensible fax from MVD. So I now have a stack of papers I am keeping with me in my glove box. If I get pulled over for any reason, I am going to hand it to the cop and scream, "you tell me what the hell it all means!"
Now, I personally think there's a story in here somewhere. One month to enter two years worth of data by the MVD? Endless errors? And what about the DWI offenses? Have they also been sitting there for two years? And, yes, I realize I am the editor of a newspaper and can assign that story to one of my reporters, but we only have one issue left this year, so I throw it out there to some daily reporter stuck on the desk for the holiday season. Muni court has already heard from at least 50 people who got suspended license notices for things they cleared up years ago! Go!
Oh, if you'd like a quote from me: "No F*** comment."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dark days

As a tribute to my crushing current workload, I will not be on the radio with Mz. Harris tomorrow. But Dave will be in my stead, talking about his and David Alire Garcia's kickass feature on the oil and gas drilling in Galisteo we published today. If you haven't read it yet, do so immediately. And, be sure to also check out Dave's funny mashup of Yo Quiero Bill.
And now back to that crushing workload.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I don't know if the UN coined the term "procraftination", but it would not surprise me in the least if she had. So clever, and apt.
I finally buckled down and forced myself through a lace pattern over the weekend, when I felt fluish and not up for much (although I did attend: SFR's holiday party; Gabe & Julie's cocktail party and Peter's performance, but in between that I felt crappy and did nothing but knit).
And, voila:

It's actually challenging to photograph knitted things, but I am rather proud of this work, flaws and all, as it's one of the few times I was able to sustain following a pattern. Usually I just make up stuff and everything I knit has that slightly crazy look to it, as if while knitting I forgot what I was doing, which is usually the case. I am so proud of myself I've just started a bag, via a pattern Gwyneth gave me. Wow! It must be winter or something because I am, once again, feeling very yarny.
Speaking of the weather, I wussed out this morning and made the boy drive me to work. He has a tank that goes slow, whereas I have a tincan that goes very fast. Plus, it was the least he could do after scaring the bejeezus out of me the other night by telling me his plans to get a gold tooth. ("Which would make you sadder?" I asked. "Not having a gold tooth? Or not having me as a girlfriend?" I rarely resort to ultimatums, but nothing says "my way or the highway" louder than your boyfriend telling you he wants a gold tooth).
In other news (not that this really counts as news), be sure to pick up the paper tomorrow. Lots of good stuff there shall be. And I can't believe I just wrote that when we are on deadline and the paper isn't even done yet! Jinx! Jinx! Jinx!
It's possible I've had too much coffee today.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Since KOAT newscaster Cynthia Izaguirro is leaving NM for Texas, it seems like an awesome time to revisit her fabulous gaffe that made national news for being so unbelievably ridiculous and funny. This also prompted the boy and I to incorporate "blind" into our private vernacular to be used in place of other words. Oh, if you like this, be sure to read Izaguirro's departing poem (in the linked story above), which is almost as funny as this video...actually, it's not. This video is the funniest thing ever.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just when you thought technology was only here to ruin your life and waste your time.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

fits and starts

Today marks the two-week mark. In two weeks, on Dec. 19, we will publish our double issue with two weeks of calendars etc. What this also means is I will be off work for an entire week. An entire week. And not off in the "I'm taking a vacation but will be working" kind of way. No paper=no work.
No paper=no work/two weeks to prepare three weeks' worth of papers plus prepare for first issue of '08= crazy girl X 2.
And you thought I sucked at math? Why? Because I have to add any number over 10 by counting on my fingers?
Ahem. In other news, if you were one of the many, the hopeful, who entered our writing contest, guess what? If I haven't called you by now you didn't win. But take heart, there is always next year (well, I suppose that's not technically true. Actually, that would be an awesome anti-global-warming campaign slogan. "There's Always Next Year. Not." BTW, if you steal that slogan I will sue you, because it's clear I'm never going to get rich as a journalist, so I'm considering becoming litigious. Watch out!).
Where was I? Ah, yes, writing contest. You can check out the winners here.
Speaking of winners, or, to be more accurate, speaking of losers, staff writer Dave Maass continues to post online interactive quizzes that determine one's best best for president. OK, that sentence was jacked.
Dave is not a loser, despite my grammar. What I am trying to say is that Dave has posted another quiz, which I took, and, once again, apparently Dennis Kucinich is the candidate whose views most accurately represent my own. Every quiz I take, every time, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. The thing is, I'm not voting for Dennis Kucinich, even if I am a ridiculous hippie in my heart of hearts. Yes, folks, beyond this tough, sarcasm-wielding left-brained exterior beats the heart of an old softie who imagines a world in which everyone has health care, the war in Iraq is ended and our civil liberties are reinstated. God I'm a crazy nut.

Monday, December 03, 2007

left brain

According to a quiz I just took via facebook, I am a left-brain thinker. And yet, if I am really so analytical and rational, why the hell am I taking stupid online quizzes when it's Monday and I'm simultaneously facing about six deadlines? Don't sound so left-brain now, do I?
Had a very nice Successful Project on Aging on Saturday. I forgot my camera or I'd be posting nice photos of roses, cards and Britney Spears perfume, Curious. Thank you, Jen, for that. Never complain that you are not mentioned on this blog again. I personally think it would be funnier if it was named "bi-curious," but perhaps that don't sell as well in Nebraska.
Speaking of Iowa (Nebrasks, Iowa, potato, potato), you gotta kind of love Clinton poking fun at Richardson in this way. I just wish, sometimes, that these people (politicians) would be more upfront and less fronting. Stop saying you're going to be president when it's obvious you ain't. Just say, "I'm running for president but chances are I'll be vice president." It's like if I went around predicting that I plan to be 5'8" by next month. Folks, I'd love it if I didn't have to cut half a foot off the bottom of all my designer jeans, but I live in reality. It ain't gonna happen. Take that, right brain!