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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

fits and starts

Today marks the two-week mark. In two weeks, on Dec. 19, we will publish our double issue with two weeks of calendars etc. What this also means is I will be off work for an entire week. An entire week. And not off in the "I'm taking a vacation but will be working" kind of way. No paper=no work.
No paper=no work/two weeks to prepare three weeks' worth of papers plus prepare for first issue of '08= crazy girl X 2.
And you thought I sucked at math? Why? Because I have to add any number over 10 by counting on my fingers?
Ahem. In other news, if you were one of the many, the hopeful, who entered our writing contest, guess what? If I haven't called you by now you didn't win. But take heart, there is always next year (well, I suppose that's not technically true. Actually, that would be an awesome anti-global-warming campaign slogan. "There's Always Next Year. Not." BTW, if you steal that slogan I will sue you, because it's clear I'm never going to get rich as a journalist, so I'm considering becoming litigious. Watch out!).
Where was I? Ah, yes, writing contest. You can check out the winners here.
Speaking of winners, or, to be more accurate, speaking of losers, staff writer Dave Maass continues to post online interactive quizzes that determine one's best best for president. OK, that sentence was jacked.
Dave is not a loser, despite my grammar. What I am trying to say is that Dave has posted another quiz, which I took, and, once again, apparently Dennis Kucinich is the candidate whose views most accurately represent my own. Every quiz I take, every time, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. The thing is, I'm not voting for Dennis Kucinich, even if I am a ridiculous hippie in my heart of hearts. Yes, folks, beyond this tough, sarcasm-wielding left-brained exterior beats the heart of an old softie who imagines a world in which everyone has health care, the war in Iraq is ended and our civil liberties are reinstated. God I'm a crazy nut.