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Monday, December 03, 2007

left brain

According to a quiz I just took via facebook, I am a left-brain thinker. And yet, if I am really so analytical and rational, why the hell am I taking stupid online quizzes when it's Monday and I'm simultaneously facing about six deadlines? Don't sound so left-brain now, do I?
Had a very nice Successful Project on Aging on Saturday. I forgot my camera or I'd be posting nice photos of roses, cards and Britney Spears perfume, Curious. Thank you, Jen, for that. Never complain that you are not mentioned on this blog again. I personally think it would be funnier if it was named "bi-curious," but perhaps that don't sell as well in Nebraska.
Speaking of Iowa (Nebrasks, Iowa, potato, potato), you gotta kind of love Clinton poking fun at Richardson in this way. I just wish, sometimes, that these people (politicians) would be more upfront and less fronting. Stop saying you're going to be president when it's obvious you ain't. Just say, "I'm running for president but chances are I'll be vice president." It's like if I went around predicting that I plan to be 5'8" by next month. Folks, I'd love it if I didn't have to cut half a foot off the bottom of all my designer jeans, but I live in reality. It ain't gonna happen. Take that, right brain!