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Friday, July 28, 2006

check it out

Last night, after a great dinner at Marisco's with a good friend of mine, drove home listening to this new radio station, and having a great time. They are playing good and different alt. music, and lots of it, so check it out.
I know radio is a struggling medium these days (so is newsprint for that matter), but I've always loved listening to the radio and mourned the end of every good indie radio station (kiot, the old kbac), so it's great to have another station to set my preset to.
And now back to Friday, the last day of a hell of a long week. The day began, as most do, with a rant from someone. I'm amazed by the sheer number of people who communicate to this paper (and every paper I've been associated with) with the castigation "you ought to be ashamed of yourself," it's like some weird ingrained puritan thing people must pull out when they can't figure out why they're so angry. But, taking commentary from the angry and often-unemployed is part of my job, so that's cool. I just don't relate very well to self-righteousness as an emotion. Self-deprecation, on the other hand...
J Five tomorrow at Paolo! I'm very pysched. Hope it doesn't get rained out or on, maybe it could rain before and after?
Finally, loved Slate's lead story today. But I'll warn you, it is about dogs.
I love Slate, I just think it's a fucking great magazine. I used to love Salon, but I just don't read it as much since its redesign. It's completely offputting in some way, although the content is still good.
Other things I'm liking right now:
the rain
Season One of Weeds (Did the city council ban smoking pot in bars? I can't remember)
that Best Of is over (I promise to stop saying that anymore, but it does just feel so freaking calm in here now)