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Monday, July 17, 2006

frequently asked questions about this blog


1. Why haven't you been blogging?

I'm incredibly busy right now working on our Best of Santa Fe issue that publishes next week. It's almost 150 pages long and it's quite an intensive experience. I just don't feel like I have time for anything else.

2. But weren't you at The Violent Femmes show Saturday night at Paolo?

Yes, I was at the Femmes show. I didn't say I was working around the clock, per se, just a lot.

3. How was the show?

It was actually really good; I was pretty impressed.

4. Don't you think it's pretty unimpressive to have a blog and not write on it for, like, two weeks?

Yes, I think that is pretty lame but, as I said, I've been kind of busy. For example, I can't even get through this blog post without having to take phone calls from Best Of winners who want their photos retaken.

5. Can they do that?

They can ask, but we can't go out and reshoot them for no reason. We're in the middle of production right now.

6. Why are people so annoying?

I wish I knew.

7. Do you think there will ever be peace on earth?

not looking so hot this week, but here's hoping.

8. Are you looking forward to the invitation-only Best of Santa Fe July 25 event at The Lensic?

Yes, because that's how I'll know this is all over.

9. Am I invited to BOSF?

If you won you are. If not, come to Swig afterwards and buy me a drink.

10. Do you feel that stress makes you drink more?
No, I have a two-drink minimum no matter what the circumstances.

11. Is that because you don't want to drink and drive?
Mostly it's because I throw up if I have more than two drinks.

12. Is that your phone ringing again?

Sigh. Yes, I suppose it is.