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Monday, July 03, 2006

weekend recap

Albuquerque: crowded, lots of street activity. Dinner: mediocre. Mix Master Mike, the serious shiznit. 2 a.m. Drive back to Santa Fe: hideous, mostly due to ridiculous exhaustion, I'd been ready to go to bed since about 5 pm.
Pool time: good to excellent. Two sessions with Dan and Darius, one also with Darius' very cute nieces. Just enough sun to work on tan, but not enough to create sun sickness.
Ozo: seriously wet. Good show, but cold and wet. Lots of people. Not enough food. Too long lines. But a good time, nonetheless.
Monday pretending to be Tuesday deadline day: disconcerting, not so bad so far (knock on fake wood desk thing).
Plans for Fourth: Invited to three parties, probably attend just the one and only Tom Sharpe Fourth Party (not sure why my Independence Day ritual involves going to a party mostly attended by The New Mexican staff; must be some kind of hidden meaning here, but mostly I think it's just cause it's a fun party).
Headache: medium.
House Cleaning: Definitely should.
Thunder: Pretty sure I just heard it.
Pancake Breakfast: Planning on it
Reason for Lack of complete sentences: No freaking clue.