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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

hail the chief

Today is the opening day of The Legislature. Dan and Nate are going over to the Roundhouse shortly (after they get their last story in to me) and I will be watching Big Bill's speech on the Internet. Well, I will allegedly be watching it on the Internet. The link isn't up yet on the guv's web site and the entire state's web site was all kabluey the last time I looked at it. Ah, technology. Gotta love it.
No matter how Big Bill does today, he's apparently quite popular in Panama (the item's at the bottom).
Meanwhile, in ice-related news, the handicapped dog ramp I have at my house so Kita can get down into the yard, is covered in ice. Kita, though very aged and ill, is not stupid and is refusing to go anywhere near the ramp, having already experienced sliding down it and, worse, trying to get back up it with me trying to provide support (in fact, we've both fallen off the ramp several times). So last night I spent the better part of an hour pouring boiling water on the ice trying to melt it, while trying to force the younger dog down the ramp as my "test dog," to see where it's still icy (he sort of thought this was a fun game once or twice, but grew weary of it). Under normal circumstances I would just wait for the ice to melt (known as the City of Santa Fe approach to ice), but I can't very well not have a way for Kita to go outside into the yard, particularly given that this creates some limited options for her bathroom time (I take her out on a walk in the morning, but not at night when it's super cold, dark and scary on my street). There is an outdoor porch where, under normal circumstances, I would not want her to do her business, but in these extreme icy conditions I could live with it. Unfortunately, it's difficult to communicate all these variables to a dog, so I persist in trying to deice the ramp. The boy has ice-melting salt, but I'm afraid the dogs would try to eat it (one dog, in particular, has been known to eat spare change), so that's out.
One letter writer in the Sunday New Mex accused those of us complaining about icy conditions of being whiners. To that writer I say: "And?"
I have a few other thoughts from the weekend papers, but I'm going to now switch over and make sure I'm ready to hear the guv's speech. I really hope it's better than last year.