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Friday, November 10, 2006

post-storm calm system

Wouldn't the title of this post be a super band name? I mean, like, totally.
Ahem. Feeling a bit post-partum now that the election brouhaha is coming to a bit of a calm down. Actually, Schafer's column in Slate today sort of brought me back to Earth a bit. I mean, I'm glad glad glad there's been a shift in power in DC, or whatever you want to call it, but at the end of the day, politicians will be politicians, yes?
One politician who really isn't one is David Bacon. When I came back from the bank, the defeated Green PRC contender was in the office chatting with Dan. I shook his hand and shook my head and he shook his head and laughed and acknowledged he got slaughtered in the race. Regular readers of this blog may remember my election predictions, which turned out to be hit or miss (which is an improvement; usually I fuck them all up). I was right about Wilson and Balderas; wrong about Baca and Bacon. And I guess the Vigil trial got postponed so that was a wash. Predicting Wilson would win in the face of the polls showing Madrid ahead was probably my best prediction.
Anyway, Bacon: He said he was surprised to some extent by just how poorly he did (26 percent I think); thought he could have done well. I commented how useless newspaper endorsements were, since he got all of them (even The Journal's. We agreed that straight party voting in conjunction with paper ballots probably didn't help. I have to say, too, I think it's a hard sell to get people to vote for Green Party candidates around here.
Bacon said he also was surprised, or maybe he said sorry, to see Baca lose, and he thought Madrid could have done better if she just could have sold herself a little better to voters. I agreed. Actually, everyone I've talked to thought Madrid lost the race when she debated.
So, last night I went to Alegria for a bit and tonight I'm heading to Cowgirl and maybe to High Mayhem, although home and knitting and sleep sound awfully nice to tell ya the truth. The boy is sick and I'm working hard to not be. He thinks he has the flu, although his symptoms seem to be running the gamut: sneezing, nausea (is that spelled right? spellcheck on blogger very wanky and I'm too lazy to check it elsewhere). I am trying to simultaneously see if he needs anything and avoid going anywhere near him. Do not want to be sick!
This weekend I have a gazillion writing contest entries to sort and a gift guide to begin editing. work work work!
For now, I'm going to start making ready for the ride home, get the ipod set, get the stacks of work into the car and hit the rizzle. Just found out Talib Kweli is playing the Sunshine the night before my birthday, so I'm pretty psyched about that.
Peace out!