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Monday, November 06, 2006

twas the night b4 the election

and Slate gave us a rundown.
I am a master when it comes to poor predictions. I can't usually separate what I want to happen from what is likely to happen and then I usually compensate TOO much for my own wants.
At any rate, here's my cynical speculations:

1. I just do not believe that Patricia Madrid will beat Heather Wilson, even if NPR does. I don't know why this is, since the polls are showing Madrid ahead; I just have the feeling that Wilson will pull it out.

2. I think Jim Baca will beat Pat Lyons, but that it will be so close that it won't get called for days and then there will be a legal challenge.

3. I think David Bacon is going to win the PRC seat and become the first Green elected to the PRC (the first Green elected to a statewide office, come to think of it).

4. I think Hector Balderas will beat Lorenzo Garcia, even if Garcia got all the endorsements.

5. I do not think the courts will overturn Robert Vigil's conviction tomorrow.

6. However, if it is overturned, and Vigil is able to run again for office, I predict that... he would probably win.