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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Everything I Learned about I Life I Learned From Watching Zombie Movies With My Boyfriend

1. Corporate domination over society will result in most of humanity turning into the walking dead.
2. The government will be complicit in such corporate domination.
3. If everyone tries to escape through a single exit from a city, go the other direction.
4. Trying to videotape apocalyptic events is a guarantee you will not survive them.
5. If your best friend is bitten by something that doesn't die, you should probably say goodbye sooner rather than later.
6. Your car will eventually run out of gas if there is no more gas to be found.
7. Reincarnation may have some philosophical glitches.
8. Everyone looks good in black.
9. A sense of humor does not guarantee a long life.
10. The end of the world is no excuse not to have good hair.