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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Relief Like No Other

Better than finishing my taxes or getting into grad school or driving down Agua Fria in a blizzard without crashing—the sense of relief I experienced as that helicopter took the Bushes away to Texas was enormous. And, yes, I know that was barely a sentence.
Most of the editorial department sat (or stood) in my office watching Obama's speech on my computer. I'm pretty sure that our constant wisecracking was just because none of us wanted to cry in front of each other. I was very anxious and spent most of the speech fondling my Calm Rock. Also, we were drinking mimosas. Hopefully there won't be an horrific typos in tomorrow's paper. I can't believe it's not even noon and the entire universe feels different. Calmer. Better. I also can't believe I have to watch Gov. Richardson's speech in an hour. Not really envying Richardson these days; talk about a meteoric nosedive. He thought he'd be there, in DC, part of the new regime, and instead he's stuck here, if he's lucky, giving a sloppy second speech to a Rotunda-full of doubting Thomases.
He should probably have a mimosa too.