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Friday, January 02, 2009

Eich bin Americanish

Or something like that.
I have returned from Switzerland, where I: ate lots of chocolate, ate lots of cheese, drank tons of coffee, drank lots of wine (my tolerance for alcohol in Europe is 20 times what it is in New Mexico; I'm working on a scientific explanation for this).
I saw A LOT of art: Picassos up the wazoo.
I froze my ass off, walked a bunch, saw many medieval streets and buildings.
Most of all, I spent a lot of time with my closest friend, Sonya, talking and doing all of the above.
I mostly was surrounded by people speaking German, which I don't understand, and discovered it's very pleasant to not overhear conversations or interact with people.
I also got a teensy bit frustrated by it at times and was grateful for Sonya's German.
And now I am home, about to start getting ready for work.
I am bussing it in because the boy was hit by a drunk driver in my absence and his car was totaled. That was the one sad note of the trip, because it was very worrisome to get that call. Had the boy not been in his now-destroyed tank of a car, he would likely have been very seriously injured. At any rate, he's got my car today so he can get some things done. On the bright side, the drunk driver had no license, warrants out for his arrest and was in a stolen vehicle, so he is (hopefully) going to jail for a good long while.
I can't tell if I have jetlag or not because my sleep has been so crazy in general for more than a week. I guess I'll know if I pass out at work this affternoon. Or maybe that will be a sign; sometimes I feel like doing that anyway.
I may post more pictures later (or I may not; I don't want to make promises I'll be too unconscious to keep). For now, here I am being cold over a scenic view of Zurich: