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Friday, December 19, 2008

holiday hooplah

Woke up this morning with a song from Hair stuck in my head (stuck in my hair?). Times like that I realize what a murky soup my brain must be. It wasn't the Aquarius one, but the one about "especially people/who care about strangers/who care about evil/and social injustice!"
God only knows what I was dreaming about. Not to mention why I have the lyrics to the song memorized, apparently.
Nero hasn't seen his friends, AK and Fatty Rodriguez, in more than a week, so I surmised that their owner has been walking them super early and vowed to Nero we'd get out and try to catch them. 6 freaking a.m. Pitch black. Crunch crunch on the frozen tundra, um, field. Nero took the darkness as an opportunity to try to run off and be invisible, but he underestimated my ability to follow his dark shape and crunchy ice sounds.
We're wrapping up our final/double issue of the year, and then we're off the streets until Jan. 7. I, too, will be off the streets, as I'm going to Switzerland to see Sonya. It's sort of an odd place for me to be going ("I'm going to Switzerland" doesn't sound quite as natural/likely as "I'm going to the gym."). But, there you have it. Really I just want some decent hot chocolate, yo. And, of course, to see my dearest friend. And to spend 15 hours on an airplane, because that's a lot of uninterrupted reading time.
OK, speaking of reading...back to it.
I'm sure I'll blog again, but just in case:
Have a safe & merry whatever!