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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

has time stopped?

Cuz it kind of feels like it has. We're on deadline. It's the quietest election day I can remember. Usually the phone is ringing off the hook with people having problems. Of course, a lot of people early voted and numerous organizations have set up hotlines for people having problems, so perhaps we're not as needed as we've been for that kind of trouble shooting.
It's too bad, though, because in lieu of having anything useful to do, I've just been eating lots of sugar and now I'm ready to rip my own eyes out. Can't wait 'til the paper is put to bed and we can get out of the office and see what's happening in the world. There are some election-related press conferences later this afternoon, and we will, of course, be providing whatever info we can over at Swing State of Mind.
I've kind of gone past anxious into a strange fugue state. I may be in shock that election day is finally here. And, of course, given the last two presidential elections, I'm trying to be ready for anything.