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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Feeling strange

I tend to have delayed reactions to things. Last night, I was sort of in a fugue state, obsessively watching TV, attempting to say hello to people, carry on conversations and then document what I could (which was sort of a failure, as the video below will demonstrate). I'm guessing in approximately six months, I will burst into tears and have no idea why. Meanwhile, despite my delayed euphoria, I am enough in touch with my emotions to be very bummed over Proposition 8 in California. One step forward, one step back? I don't know. I'm nowhere near focused enough to say anything articulate, except I think it sucks. Also, and this is kind of random, despite most people I know being in excellent moods today, I did receive a series of randomly pissy calls, one from a woman outraged that we'd included profanity in the paper (in a letter to the editor), another from a woman who seemed bewildered and angry that we didn't have multiple stories on our web site at 9 am about the passage of the GRT regional transportation tax hike that passed last night. Both before 10 am? I was equally bewildered by both of them.
OK, here's my incoherent election-night video, which begins with interviews with my guy-pals Mikey Baker and Andy Primm, and ends with the countdown to California's vote, followed by the reaction of the crowd when CNN announced Obama had won (followed by my apparent inability to hold the camera still).