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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

working out

Tonight I went, as I do many nights, perhaps three, sometimes more, to the gym. I've done this regularly for going on 15 years because I am a creature of habit and just a teensy bit vain. The difference tonight was that I managed to talk the boy into accompanying me. He hasn't gone to a gym in about 20 years. This all came about because I have been just a little bit harpy lately on him about getting in shape. It should be noted that I would not personally want to be in a relationship with me at times like this when I get it into my mind that someone should do something, like start working out. Also, that if things were reversed, and he started harping on me to lose weight or get in shape I would kill him where he stood, so quickly it would be like: Woah, Ninja! Holla!"
Anyway, he actually had a good time and appears to be contemplating getting a gym membership now, which means he will if I have anything to say about it, which I'm sure I will. Some people would call this typical female nagging, but seeing as how we're not allowed to say sexist things anymore, I assume I'm in the clear. And I will give the boy credit, he often translates my nagging as "being inspirational" or "motivating," so, really, it's a win/win. At least for me.
Today I did what I normally do this time of year, at work, which is try to plan out the rest of the year, schedulewise. Obviously things come out that can't be planned, but there are so many special issues/writing contests/elections etc. etc., that if I don't get the calendar together, it's hard to keep it all straight. The downside to my relentless planning is that even though it's only the first week of September, I already feel as if it's Christmas and about to start snowing at any minute. Which it may very well do. I'm actually predicting an early snow season, although, it should be noted, I am not a meteorologist.
As for predictions, be sure to pick up the paper tomorrow for some interesting astrological/political predictions.