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Monday, September 01, 2008

Don't Believe Everything Al Green Says

So the blog of light is Al Green, which gives you both a sense of how close the boy and I were to his phenomenal show Saturday night at the Opera, and the limits of the iphone camera. I was attempting to take a photo that would show the cross Green was wearing, which he announced, at the start of the show, had been given to him by the mayor. I was slightly confused by why David Coss would give Al Green a cross (have we run out of keys to the city?). But my confusion was alleviated by fate. Our seats were next to the man who gave Green the cross and who had identified himself to Green as the "underground" mayor of Santa Fe. Details, details. I won't reveal his identity, but suffice it to say he's well-known in the music scene.
The show kicked major major ass. People were going crazy! One girl broke through security (and leaped the moat that protects the stage) to breakdance on stage and was dragged, literally, kicking off of it. Two other women made it up; they left more peacefully. I'm fairly certain another woman threw her underwear on stage and some man was dragged out by security, although I'm not totally sure what that was about. I swear, if I have an iota of Al Green's energy in 30 years I will be happy...actually, if I had it right now I'd be pretty jazzed.
As per usual, Green threw roses to the ladies throughout the show. I did not catch one. However, he also threw his tie and that was caught by the man to my left, known on this blog as "the boy." Yes, my boyfriend now owns Al Green's tie and I have the feeling I will be seeing it at all events that require a tie. Not just cause it's way cool, but also because it's a clip-on and neither the boy nor I seem to know how to tie a tie (discovered last year when we were running late to a wedding and that was the only thing left to do; not sure there has been a lower point than me, frantically looking for a tie-tying diagram on my old Sidekick while the boy struggled in the mirror; in the end, he went tieless).