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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

is it winter yet?

I apologize for having nothing to say. I blame it all on the crushing sinus headache I've had for nearly a week. It's a little less crushing right now thanks to my coffee/Musinex cocktail. I've been religiously sinucleansing and occasionally popping some Tylenol sinus, but staying clear of anything heavy duty or, god forbid, actual allergy medicine, because I can never tell how pharmaceuticals, even over the counter ones, will affect me, and I don't have the leisure time to allow for the possibility of being unconscious for 12 hours. Unfortunately.
Headache probably not helped by the comments from people I tell about it, a strangely large percentage of whom respond by telling me about someone they knew who had a headache and next thing they knew a brain tumor. For the record? Please don't say brain tumor to me; it makes me anxious.
Despite my lack of clear headedness, have had some fun over the last few days. Checked out last Friday's Gluey Brothers' show, which was kickass, and then went to a very lovely wedding on Sunday. Thursday I'm off to Chicago for AAN's writers' workshop, at which I'll be both working and attending. And probably drooping under the humidity.
And I guess I better get going because there is a writer in my office now.