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Monday, August 25, 2008

chefs du jour

The boy likes to cook, which is convenient since I, occasionally, like to eat but rarely feel like cooking. Jen's man also is quite the chef, so a few weekends ago I devised my most brilliant plan ever: An ironchef cookoff between our boyfriends!
So it came to be that while the men slaved in the kitchen, the ladies drank wine and played Rock Band. Who says feminism hasn't made any advances? (I, for one, never say that).
In the end, it was a draw. Both of them made some great dishes—and a lot of it. In fact, if we ever do it again, we all agreed that we probably need to not eat the equivalent of four meals at once. Favorites included the boy's lobster nachos (yum!) and J's tuna carpaccio.
Really,everyone won. Except for me, since I was supposed to make cupcakes and didn't. I totally rocked it on Rock Band, though, particularly the drum part of Suffragette City.