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Thursday, July 10, 2008

overwhelmed by minutae

This morning, on the radio, I complained about my recent inability to get any sleep. I'm a lifelong insomniac, but it's usually intermittent, whereas this summer it's been kind of non-stop. Have received much advice via email today, which I have boiled down to the basics: it's either hormones or I'm crazy. (Or, yes, possibly both). I am inclined to think it may also be about caffeine and being hot (temperature-wise; I don't think I'm up all night because I'm contemplating how awesome I am. Oh no, that ain't it).
What else? I seem to have ordered Internet for my house, despite swearing I never would and am contemplating buying an iphone, but maybe not the first day they are available since people are, apparently camping out waiting for them. I don't know if people would camp out waiting for a phone here; I suppose I could go find out. I will not be camping out. Although, I suppose, if I wake up at 4 am tomorrow that might be a more productive use of my time than wandering my house like a zombie. Maybe.
We're heading into Best of Santa Fe time. So if you don't hear from me before July 23, you know why. But I will do my best to stay semi-present here in ye old www. Having internet at home should help this task. Because that's what I need: More time on the computer. Hmm. OK, need to go look for zombie figurines for small children. Tonight's activities include a birthday party for my favorite seven-year-olds.