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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

lack of domestic skills revealed

Approximately once a year, I grow weary of my own inability to do much of anything besides write and read and have what I have identified as ADU (Annual Domestic Urge). This year, the urge struck at about the same time as our award-winning writer Zane Fischer's birthday, so I decided to bake cupcakes.
I have never baked cupcakes before (I've only ever baked one thing, actually, a pound cake and this was during ADU circa 1998; last year for ADU I think I knitted some mittens).
In my mind's eye, the cupcakes were very arty (because they were for Zane), kind of white and black with neo-deco "Zs" on everything. In reality, they look sort of like someone's 5-year-old made them. But I've been told they taste good (I know you're supposed to taste things you make, but I was too scared). Really, it's hard to understand how something that seems so simple could be so challenging. There is still icing in my hair, I swear to God. Anyway, viola: