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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

on the block

So tonight, from 5 to 9 pm, you'll find me and probably 5,000 other people in The Reporter's parking lot, Yes, it's time for our annual block party. If you haven't been before, come on over; it's lots of fun! I have been very busy and quite overheated, but mostly I've been working and having fun. Saw The Roots for the fourth time on Sunday (yes, I've become a groupie) and Erkyah Badu, who put on an amazing show, although some of the things she said between singing her ass off, were kind of nutso (I can't quite quote her, but somehow she managed to intermingle: The Zapatistas, the mountains, the Comanche "Indians," vortexes, bowling alleys, skating rinks and Barack Obama; don't ask me how).
And now, it's early morning, already almost 80 degrees and I need to get ready for work. See you tonight, I hope. If you can't find me in the throng, you may see me near the boy's booth at the party. Hint: lots of funky skull art!