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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

dental checkup

Ten days after surgery, my mouth is healing well, says Dr. R. today. Really well, really fast, he said, sounding surprised. Much faster than he'd expected.
'Well, I'm a really fast healer," I told him. Even I could hear the ridiculous pride in my voice. I mean, who feels a high-level of self-esteem over the ability to heal fast after dental surgery? Apparently, I do.
"I can see that," he said.
I restrained myself from asking him if I had healed faster than all of his other patients. I don't know if dentists make referrals to psychologists, but I'm pretty sure that feeling competitive about how fast one heals probably borders on some kind of crazy, although what kind I'm not sure.
Anyway, that was good. Less good was the vicious sinus headache brought on by the 300 mile an hour winds. That headache was compounded by watching a clip on CNN from a few months ago in which Bush expressed surprise at hearing there were predictions that gas was going to hit $4 a gallon in the near future. I try to restrain myself from too much Bush-bashing these days (it's boring and futile), but, really, how can you be president and be completely unaware of something like that? Even I had heard those predictions at the time that he said he hadn't. Unless he was pretending to be surprised. Which, though inexplicable, would almost be preferable. Though unlikely. Anyway, here's a link to the video, via huffington, via msnbc, in case you missed it, as I had.