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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

things that need to happen

Or, a "to do" list, with some things on the list seeming more appealing than others.

1. Finish interviewing candidates for June 3 primary. Last interviews are tomorrow.
2. Finish writing endorsements for nine contested races. Must be done by Friday, because Monday is Memorial Day and we are closed.
3. Attend Drive in movie event Friday night.
4. See Samia & Serena Saturday for girlie activities, plus hang out with boy and NOT HAVE TO WORK as I have every weekend for the last two months because I swore I wouldn't have to.
5. Visit D's pool, assuming it remains hot and doesn't snow.
6. Get cover story ready for June 4 edition by May 28 in order to
7. Miss work May 29-30 for dental surgery. :(
8. Edit summer guide articles in time for June 4 dummy date because I will have to
9. Pack and go to Philly June 4 for AAN convention, where I will run "speed bitching" panel; see old girlfriends from high school, collect awards (we are nominated for seven in the AAN contest. woo hoo.
10. Return home June 8 and start it all up again.

I can do all that. Piece of cake. Arsenic-laced cake, but cake nonetheless. On the bright side, I've already voted!