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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Well, it's a Monday holiday, which means I'm not at work. We slammed on Friday to get everything done so that our Tuesday press deadline wouldn't be too rough. All that remains is to write the endorsement in the third congressional district, one task that has overwhelmed my thoughts for the last two days as I parse through a series of arguments with others and myself.
It also is, officially, the first pool weekend, but I've yet to don a bathing suit and make it there. This is in part because I've decided to add skin cancer to the list of things I'm worrying about, but also because it's kind of windy. In about an hour, the boy and I are taking the dog on a little urban-trail walk and then it is entirely possible I will take a nap, one of my favorite things to do when I'm not working, and something I've yet to accomplish this weekend.
Friday night, SFR had its first drive-in movie event. We pulled in and thought we had a good spot, but after we walked around awhile and came back, the front row we were in had become about the sixth row and a large van was in charge of us. Fortunately, the van belonged to someone we know, who agreed to switch positions with us. My friend's two six-year-old twin boys decided they wanted to watch the movie in my tiny car, so we bought them cheese burgers and were pleasantly surprised they managed to make it through almost the entire movie without getting bored. I am readying for a short week: I've got dental surgery at the end of the week (oh joy), and then next week I fly to Philadelphia for a journalism convention. But in the meantime, I've got about 500 words to write on a race that has been alternatively fascinating and depressing to me. I am trying to keep in mind, since it is Memorial Day after all, what is really at stake in this year's election; and when I am able to do that, the choice I need to make seems clearer than when I allow all the other factors, accusations and brouhaha invade my thoughts. But I am still open for comments, so if by some sad chance you, too, are on the Internet, instead of barbecuing or swimming or planting things in the yard, feel free to e-mail me!