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Saturday, May 17, 2008

bugging tom udall

I early-voted today to kill a few minutes before Tom Udall arrived to early vote. I had this fantasy that no one would show up to watch him vote and I could harangue him into telling me who he's supporting as a super delegate. I got nowhere. I think if I could have gotten his wife, Jill Cooper, alone for a few minutes I could have gotten it out of her. She always seems fond of me, although she's called me "Emily" for years and I never correct her (it kind of reminds me of Devil Wears Prada and, thus, I find amusing). Anyway, I got nowhere. And, I can't get my video of Tom voting to download on my computer at home for some reason and I can't seem to log onto to Swing State of Mind, our election blog, from home. So here's my interview with Tom, as posted on Huffington Post earlier today. Look for, hopefully, video on Swing State on Monday, perhaps with a photo or two. Here's one of Udall and Cooper, under siege by yours truly, at the county fairgrounds.