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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The answer is blowing in the wind

Oh wait, no, that's not answers blowing in the wind, just dust.
I think I am on my way to becoming one of those folks who walk around with a face mask on. Particularly after my Friday night ride on the train to Lamy (the KBAC's soul train), where I ate so much dust on the outdoor car that I immediately got a horrible sinus headache, then became motion sick and spent most of the evening trying not to hurl on everyone who spoke to me. Good times. I have got to learn to not leave my house. If you met me that night, and I seemed unfriendly, I apologize. I really was working hard not to be sick everywhere.
I am staring at two solid week of candidate interviews (and attending, tomorrow night, the Third CD forum at Temple Beth Shalom, it's at 7 pm). Meanwhile, here's my newest post on Huffington Post, also found in a slightly different version on our Swing State of Mind blog.
Meanwhile, I'm kind of sad that today's West Virginia election is predicted to be a blow-out for Clinton. Not because I begrudge her her win, but because I can't sit glued to the news all night biting my nails. What fun is a predicted blow-out?