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Monday, February 04, 2008

screed pays off

While stuck in the Phoenix airport, I went on the US Airways web site to file a complaint. You can't just send them an e-mail; you have to fill out an excruciatingly tedious form with your flight number and other info, which did not help soothe my by-then nicotine-deprived homicidal rage.
I heard back from them today.

Dear Ms. Goldberg,
On behalf of US Airways and the entire Customer Relations team, please accept our sincere apology for the travel difficulties you experienced. Your concerns have been thoroughly documented and your comments have been shared with the appropriate management teams to help us improve our service.
To convey our apologies we have authorized one $100.00 Electronic Travel With Us Voucher, in hopes you will allow US Airways another opportunity to regain your confidence

This note, followed by near-incomprehensible instructions on how to use or not use my travel voucher, was followed by a copy of my complaint at the bottom, which was convenient as I didn't have a copy of it, given that I had to fill my comments into their little automated boxes. My screed, written on the last of my i-book's waning battery Saturday, as I sat on a plastic chair staring at Cinabun, is as follows:

the people hawking frequent flyer miles for us airways are intrusive and rude. I would never buy anything from them; they seem like criminals.
Comments: This has been the worst travel experience of my entire life. My first flight, Flight 570 got cancelled for no reason. Flight 683 was very late, no one told us ever how late it would be. As a result, I missed my connecting flight, 206, which couldn't even wait five minutes, and was stuck in the Phoenix Airport for four hours, given a $5 voucher, which was more of an insult than anything. The new flight, 208, now, is also late. Your staff is rude, incommunicative, makes no effort to compensate anybody for anything. Basically, I am running 12 hours behind schedule and no one has even attempted to compensate me (except with a $5 voucher). Unless I receive a very large apology and some kind of voucher, I will never fly US Airways again and will devote my time to making sure no one I know or work with is ever on your airline again. Frankly, you people are just awful and it's horrifying in this day and age that you could do such a bad job not just at your job of getting people places on time, but at customer service as well. Shame on you.

ps; even this customer complaint form is laborious and ridiculous. And your consumer desk people, by the way, are also terrible.

It occurs to me, as I re-read this, that I sound a little bit like angry people who write me letters. Hmm.