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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can feel my tongue again

I went in today for the final two hours of excruciatingly painful dental work. Both the dental worker and receptionist complimented me on my nerves of steel for knocking out more than five hours of hideous scraping and injecting. It turns out, most people take several months to complete this level of work (presumably drinking themselves into a coma in between visits). Yours truly, on the other hand, gritted her teeth (figuratively speaking), sucked it up and got it done in two weeks. I would be celebrating right now, but I feel strongly that one should be able to feel one's lips during any celebration worth having. I made a brief stop at work after the session, where everyone noted that I sounded exactly like Marlee Matlin, which I took as a compliment, since I think Matlin is pretty sexy. Of course, no one said I looked like Marlee Matlin, who, presumably, doesn't usually drool quite as much as I was. I left work after it became apparent that no one was enjoying watching me drool and that the computer guy working on my computer was going to be a while and was not enjoying my incoherent questions. "Whayado? kaahhep?"
I can feel my tongue again, which is nice, but my head is pounding and my planned visit to the gym has been indefinitely postponed. My big plan for the evening has already been accomplished: Stay awake until the sun goes down; I believed it could happen and it did. Very obamifying.
Speaking of which...the sad part of being unable to speak most of the day (sad for me, of course, not necessarily for others), was not getting quite enough post-debate chatter at the office. But, in general, we all agreed that there were no revelatory moments, nothing that seemed to shake it up one way or the other. I, for one, was irritated by Clinton's not releasing her tax records, while silmutaneously talking about overcoming the monied interests in the country. Seriously? When you have $5 million to put in your own campaign coffers and no one knows where your money comes from, you are part of the wealthy elite. I'm sorry: that's how it is. I was similarly sorry that Obama wasn't a little more clear about his previous promise to commit to public financing. I thought he was evasive. Just say,. "You know, when I said that, i didn't realize I could win and I didn't realize I could raise $1 million from small, individual donors." Because, frankly, $1 million in individual donations is public financing, sort of. I mean, it's fine. Just say it.
Speaking of Just Say It: I really wish Richardson would give his endorsement. I know it's coming. I can feel it. Sort of. Speaking of super delegates, I was psyched we had this interview with NM superdelegate and Obama supporter Fred Harris in today's paper. I've always thought Harris was super cool, and it sounds like I was right.