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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

don't blame the county clerks

Because, as we've said, the state and the county had nothing to do with yesterday's election. Here's the press release from the Santa Fe County Clerk's Office:

Valerie Espinoza, Santa Fe County Clerk, appreciates the challenges that voters faced in the February 5th Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus. The caucus was not an election held by the any of the 33 New Mexico county clerks’ offices. The Democratic State Party conducted its own presidential caucus.
While the county Elections staff was able to refer the voters who called to the caucus sites, other questions and requests had to be referred to the New Mexico State Democratic Party.
The county Election staff is currently putting systems in place for the June 3rd Primary and the November 4th General elections. Voters are urged to keep their voter registration current, and to make changes at least a month before any election.
Espinoza wants voters to know that “we have run many seamless elections in the last three years and intend to do so again in June and November.”