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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dem Party pre-caucus

From an interview I conducted and published prior to the caucus.

SFR: What are some of the lessons learned here from 2004?
Laura Sanchez, executive director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico: "I think in 2004, leading into that caucus, the expectation was to have about 50,000 [voters]. We actually ended up having 86,000 casting ballots…it was an overwhelming success, but now we’ve learned from that and can prevent some of the problems."

SFR: Such as?
LS: "It was the first time out. It was very new to people. There hadn’t been as much emphasis on training to understand the procedures. One of the main problems they’d had, hoping for 50,000, was running out of ballots. We heard anecdotally [workers were] running to the copy stores to make copies, having to photocopy ballots. We’re hoping again for a great turnout and trying to project high on the number of ballots and they will be impossible to photocopy and be sequential."