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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Um, is the city required to remember to remove the snow from the streets then?

Residents are Required to Remove Snow and Ice from Sidewalks

When it snows, the City of Santa Fe asks residents and business owners to be helpful, responsible and aware of the need to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks. This is a friendly reminder that property owners are legally responsible for shoveling their sidewalks after each snowstorm. City ordinance (§23-1.8 Removal of Snow and Ice from Sidewalks) requires owners, managers or residents to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalks abutting their property to ensure safe pedestrian access. The City of Santa Fe sent a letter regarding snow removal procedures and responsibilities to all city utility customers in November. Enforcement of the snow removal ordinance will begin this week.
Please bear in mind that during continuous periods of snow, city snow plows may have to make several passes in front of homes or businesses. As a result, snow may be pushed onto sidewalks you have already cleared. We appreciate your patience during such circumstances.
To file a complaint about an icy sidewalk, please call the City’s Office of Constituent Services (505) 955-6949 or go online to and click on “One Click to City Hall.”