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Thursday, January 10, 2008

early morning jitters

I am having one of my intermittent bouts of insomnia, no doubt provoked by yesterday afternoon's visit to the dentist and the results thereof. I will spare you the gory details, except to say that it looks as though I am facing months of uncomfortable and expensive dental work, the prospect of which has clearly taken over the part of my brain that I have trained to allow me to sleep at least five hours a night.
I also made the mistake of making a cup of coffee before realizing it was the middle of the night and, thus, resigned myself to just staying up. Turned on the computer to do some non-Internet work, because I don't have Internet at my house, and discovered, for some reason, that I am online. I guess someone in the neighborhood got wireless. I suppose I am currently committing wireless theft, but it was unintentional and since the likelihood of my being able to afford Internet at my house with the pending dentistry work seems unlikely, I suppose I will take this small gift from the Universe, although, frankly, I think the Universe could do a little better by me, seeing as how I never kill spiders and try, in general, to be kind to my fellow man (at least outwardly).
I was a bit surprised to hear, yesterday early evening, that Richardson was dropping out of the race, but less surprised to read his campaign denying it. I think it's a fairly good flashpoint of one of the problems with Richardson's campaign. Just drop out and have your staff admit it. All of this, no he's not, yes he is, unconfirmed sources say, his campaign has no comment blah blah blah just translates as chaos. Chaos and pointless drama. Did Biden and Dodd have all this chaos when they dropped out?No, they just said, hey, we're dropping out. So why should Richardson be any different? And frankly, his campaign aggravates me with this stuff. They've been really non-responsive to us during the campaign and now all of this pointless secrecy. And it's not even secrecy. To say, if you're in charge of a campaign, that you know nothing of whether or not your candidate is going to drop out, is probably just not true. And if Richardson drops out today, as expected, I think it reflects poorly on his campaign that his staff was so disingenous when contacted by the media today (yesteday? This middle of the night stuff is making me confused about what day it is). And if you can't count on the staff to give you a straight answer on one thing, how can you count on them to give you a straight answer about anything?
For my part, I really thought Richardson would stick to it through Feb. 5. The thought of him dropping out before the Feb. 5 caucuses, of which NM is a part, when he will remain a candidate in that caucus even if he drops out (or so I understand), seems kind of at odds with my instincts about Richardson. But maybe trying to win NM isn't enough incentive, particularly if the money is gone. I wonder, as I often do, what it's like to live in the skin of a politician; I can't imagine anything I'd want to do less than run for public office. Wait, yes I can: spend the next six months getting dental work done. That sounds worse. Or maybe it's a draw.