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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

damn politicians

My big fear all week was that Edwards would drop out when it was too late to do anything about our cover package for this week. Which is basically what happened. In my imagination, he made the decision at the exact moment as the paper started rolling off the press. We had already had to adjust the chart at the last minute when Kucinich dropped out, but I was hoping, given that there wasn't that much for Dems to lose in Florida, that Edwards would stick with it. Particularly given that he seemed to be saying before today that he wasn't going anywhere. I believe i called Dave way too early this morning to complain about politicians vowing not to quit 24 hours before doing just that. Either, I think, they are lying, or capable of 180 degree changes of mind in 24 hours. Neither of which inspires huge amounts of trust, in my opinion. Oh well. I'm off to this convention, our election coverage is on the street. When I return, we will host an election-watching party at 7 pm until we can't stand it anymore on Feb. 5 at the Catamount. Hope to see you there!