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Thursday, January 31, 2008

blogging panel

Today I am moderating a panel for AAN about blogging. People keep coming up to me and asking me if I'm ready. and I say, "for what?" So, clearly not so much.
It's Ok because I am the moderator today so it's up to the panelists ot be interesting and I cna just sit here and look hot.
Or not.
The panel will be pretty basic. Peopel will explain their blogs and then they will run through some questions nad then there will be time for comments from the audience, except maybe not because all these panels aer only 45 minutes long nad I don't know how anyone can get anything done, but I shouldn't complain because richard karpel is standing right here and I shouldn't make fun of him while he's talking. I gugess.
WWe will be talking about best blogging practices and I will use my own blog as an example of one that doesn't follow any of the best blogging practices and I was going to play a video but there's no sound so I guess I won't. Ok, let's get started.