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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am thankful

Thankful that I actually managed to plow through this day, which, at 5:30 am was looking a bit unwieldy. Highlights:

1. Staff photo taken. I haven't actually seen the photo yet, but thanks to all my America's Top Model watching I at least managed to look at the camera and smile (who says you can't learn anything from TV?)
2. Writing contest winners finalized and notified! (And most were really happy, so I got to spread joy, just like Santa...if Santa had something to do with Thanksgiving and was real.
3. Executed the Secret Santa gift exchange at SFR. And, as per usual, screwed it up and now have only one name left to draw and two people who need to draw names. Maybe I should be in charge of the nation's nuclear arsenal.
4. Witnessed the rescue, by the wildlife center (I think) of a baby bat on our front porch who, the rescuer said, was cold and dehydrated and would be rehydrated subcutaneously and relocated to a warmer environment (I sorta thought bats were a little more self-sufficient; this was one was kind of mewling...guess I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight).
5. Hit one bookstore for gift guide, scheduled two others for Friday and Monday.
6. Worked on editing this week's paper.
7. Set up SFR talk interview for Friday.
8. Wrote on blog!
So have a happy Thanksgiving. I had hoped to have sushi with the boy but, it turns out, sushi places aren't open on Thanksgiving, so he's cooking. I have the feeling he wishes he wasn't, but his other option was to go out (and nothing is open) or have me cook, which would have meant eating a bagel, or maybe a frozen waffle. And there's only so much gratitude you can summon up for someone who toasts your meal.
Happy holidays everyone. Be back on Friday (at work at least).