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Friday, November 30, 2007

ho hum

I am currently trapped at my desk, waiting for a phone call, which is now approximately 45 minutes late. This is seriously cramping my lifestyle, my life style being that I really need to get a cup of coffee. My big fear, whenever I have a phone interview, is keeping people from pounding on my door and barging in my office, which they normally do in 15 minute intervals. I took measures by arriving early, locking the door and posting a sign that says, "Stop! Please Do Not Disturb, on the phone." This has had absolutely no impact whatsoever, as people continue to bang on the door and then try desperately to open it, even though it's locked. I may have to start posting a guard.
Tomorrow marks another successful edition of Julia Goldberg's Successful Project in Aging, which I plan to commemorate by: having lunch with the boy, getting a massage, and having some sushi with a few friends. I am sure I will then have to go to sleep early to recover from so much activity. Maybe I should start taking Geritol.
Last night, we went to see Control, the new Joy Division movie. It was a scad long, though good, although I could have done without the two drunk men in front me talking. I have resigned myself to the fact that my movie karma is as bad as my airport karma is good. Movie theaters: If there's a drunk or a talker in the theater, he or she will be in front of me or in back of me. Airport karma: No special searches yet, knock on wood.