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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

where have I been?

I have no ready excuse for my lack of blogging. I have been a bit sick for a week or so, but really I think facebook is to blame. If you aren't involved in facebook, one of its little things is a sentence that begins "Julia is" that one can edit each day. It turns out, I don't really need to blog. I just write my one sentence ("Julia is jealous of her dog" is today's) and that pretty much does me. Not to mention all of facebook's other cuteness, like the ability to throw sheep at your friends and play online scrabble games with your ex-husband and his girlfriend (they are both kicking my ass). I mean, what's the point of writing anyway?
The news has been nothing but political, of course, with the post-Pete scramble. I, for one, was somewhat disappointed to see John Grubesic won't be running for re-election for Senate. What a strange and manic one termer he turned out to be. I guess I am disappointed because it is so challenging and rare for anyone to actually beat an incumbent and be a newcomer, it might have been nice to see his officialdom go a little better. But that's just me.
Meanwhile, it's Wednesday and I have 19 phone messages from yesterday I need to listen to. 19! I've decided answering my phone on Tuesday is just impossible, because no one is ever brief and our deadlines are so tight that a few long calls and I'm screwed. So Wednesday is phone day and meeting day.
In other "news," plans for our Oct. 31 Halloween Party are progressing nicely. The boy has been put in charge of developing the Haunted House for the party, so make sure to come out and appreciate his creepy visionary skills!
And have a great day.