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Thursday, October 18, 2007

blogroll please

At the urgings of various peoples, and my various inner voices, I did a little updating on my blogroll. I'd been meaning to, anyway, because SFR has a semi-new Bill Richardson blog and a newer arts and culture blog that I wanted to get up here. And various friends' blogs etc., but I'd been putting it off since I always manage to screw something up in my template when I do so. My self-designed template is all crazy! So crazy! that I can't even convert this blog to the new blogger ready-made template thingie because I've written so many weird things into my template that I can't get it to translate and I don't feel like starting over. I mean, this blog is kind of old already, yo. Like web 1.0 for realz!
I think I am cracking up. Must stop living on coffee and power bars.