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Monday, October 29, 2007


Through no fault of my own (ha), my back has seized up and I have been sitting here, most of the day, grimacing and feeling like someone has rammed a steel poker up my spine. One of the unspoken rules of management is one can not run up to one's employees and demand massages. One can, however, do this to one's manager-peer colleagues, and so the production manager did just rub some kind of tension taming oil on me (the production manager carries a satchel of various herbal remedies each day; we live in Santa Fe people).
The weekend brought the beginning of one-week visit from the female parental unit and her female sibling (see Julia talk like she's an alien). We went, on Sunday, for a walk up Canyon Road to look into galleries. I never, normally, do things like that. And now I know why! No, it was fine, a beautiful day. I'm just not much of a window shopper. What else? Had a great dinner at Cafe Cafe, which I highly recommend. Their gelato is deliciato.
And Dan was in town, so I got to visit with him, having not seen him in quite a while. And the boy has learned he must move, as his house is for sale, so we're kind of pretending that's not happening. Nero went to the dog park and made many friends, but forgot all of them immediately. And I sneezed approximately 840 times.
Former staff writer Maya Hoffman nee Sinha, stopped by today with her very cute 9 month old baby. It is always great to see former staffers who are doing well (Maya also is a lawyer, in addition to a mother). It is particularly nice when you haven't seen them in years and they look exactly the same because you can pretend that maybe you look exactly the same too.
Wednesday is Halloween and SFR's Halloween party. I am going to dress up as Amy Winehouse, so if you come to the party, just look for the beehive.
And maybe tomorrow I'll blog about something newsy, but today it's all personal catchup and physical complaints. If you're near my office and not a pyscho and you'd like to come by and rub my shoulders, feel free.