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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

random thoughts

1. I never knew that Native Americans' feet were different than other people's feet. I also would not have imagined a story about such would spark more than 50 comments.
2. It is really bothering me that I am being phished by people using my actual local bank as their scam.
3. Domenici's ratings continue to slide but, more importantly, that is a really bad picture of him. Also, Heath has some nice analysis of this, and Richardson continues to insist he's not interested in running for the Senate. (Didn't he used to insist he wasn't running for president?)
4.If I didn't know better, I'd think Mr. Terrell is trying to get my goat..
5. Is "get my goat" an actual expression? I just said it outloud and it sounded kind of crazy.
6. I miss the beach.
7. Stories like this one depress the shit out of me. Why would someone bite their child?
8. I like this new advice column on global warming that Slate is rolling out. I almost think we should do something like that.
9. If you're not sick of reading/hearing about Ahmadinejad's visit, this Slate piece is pretty good.
10. I think I'm going home now.