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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

counting down

As of 5:30 today (or whenever I get out of here), I'm on a three-day hiatus. The salient features of this hiatus will be: lots of beach time (a) and no Internet (b). Before that can happen, though, I have a shitload of work, I am fighting a headcold and, out of the blue, the cute boy for whom I became a vegetarian is on a motorcycle tour across the US, is in SF for the first time, and he and I are getting together tonight. We figured, via phone, we haven't seen one another in at least 20 years, if not 25. Apparently, though, he, like myself, is under the illusion that he looks exactly the same.
My boy, upon hearing this news, said he was not jealous, although, he pointed out, "this guy did have a huge impact on your diet."
It's been a super hectic week or two, and I'm way too beat and headachey to recount it, although one highlight was attending Sarah, of Hollis Wake's wedding last weekend (Sarah also is an SFR alum, and a wonderful and talented person, and I think she and Micah make a great couple). I attended the wedding as the pseudo/platonic date of my old pal Mikey Baker, with whom I slowdanced to a cover of Crowded Houses's "Don't Dream It's Over" as performed by Amazing Larry, so it was kind of like attending my own prom. It was actually a beautiful wedding and a fun time.
But not as fun as lying on the beach with my guy for uninterrupted hours is going to be. Vaya con dios y'all. I'll be back with my report on Monday, Sept. 24.