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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


A Tuesday (deadline day) following a long weekend is always disconcerting, particularly when one has made a concerted effort to not work and stay away from the office. It's like, "hello 3,000 pieces of spam." Not to mention just trying to get back to things. But so far, so good, knock on formica.
The weekend was pretty damn chill. Lots of dog walks and soaking up the last of the pool time sunshine (D's pool closes today for the summer. Wah!). I did not clean my house, despite my best intentions. I played the piano slightly fanatically, to the point that the dog now has a particular pained expression I think of as, "oh god, not that again." I read the entire New York Times on Sunday, which I hardly ever get to do. Would have read the entire New Yorker, but it's their damn double food issue, in which I'm not very interested. About which? I don't care about their food issue.
This week comes Zozobra, to which I am very dedicated. With one caveat: If it rains like last year, I will not go. I have barely recovered from how soaked I was last year. It was pretty crazy. Other than that, I'm there.
And now, back to TTTTuesday.

Overheard yesterday at the boy's house.

The boy: Tells me long, ridiculous plot to horror movie he's rented (boy is horror film fanatic). It's a sequel, asks me if I saw the first one.
Me: No, obviously I did not. Have you noticed that we have nothing in common?
The boy: We're both extremely good looking. (Pauses). For our age.