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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

another tuesday

So it's Tuesday morning and I am, once again, trying to write 7 days. Sometimes, to entertain myself, I calculate how many sarcastic comments I've made over the last decade since I created 7 Days. I have written almost every single one, so that adds up to, well, lots of sarcastic comments.
Six years ago, 9.11 fell on a Tuesday. We basically had to throw out the whole paper and replace it, on deadline, with information responding to what was happening. It was one of the few weeks I didn't write 7 Days, since it didn't seem appropriate. Then Graydon Carter announced that, as a result of 9.11, irony was dead, and I kind of thought I was screwed. (Although to this day I'm not entirely sure of the relationship of irony to sarcasm. Is it symbiotic? Can one exist without another?). Anyway, I think Carter was wrong and irony continues to live on, it's positively flourishing. And here we are, six years later, on deadline on 9.11 and I hope that it's a quiet day. I watched a little news this morning, but I could only take so much. Despite the travesties of our government over the last six years, and a war I believe we shouldn't be fighting, and the twisting of 9.11 in order to pillage our civil liberties, there's no taking away from the sadness, the truly heartbreaking sadness, of that day. And I am thinking about the lives lost and the survivors and all of us. Which makes it hard to write 7 Days...but the show must go on.