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Monday, August 20, 2007

my celebrity twin, or so they say

Over the last six months, the new thing that's been happening to me is that large numbers of people keep telling me I remind them of Amy Winehouse. A lot of people: people I know well, people I know not at all. People I'm talking to on the phone, people at conferences in other cities. It's bizarre. I personally can't see it (I mean, the hair maybe. And, I don't know, the face shape? The sardonic expression?).
Saturday night, we dropped by High Mayhem, and a friend of mine told me his sister was in town and that I should go introduce myself. I did and she, with extreme friendliness, dragged me over to the beer table and told the beer dispenser that she "needed a beer for Amy Winehouse's little sister." (I should point out that, if we were going to get technical about this, Amy Winehouse looks like me, not the other way around; she was born in 1983, which makes her 24, which makes her younger than me. But whatever, as previously stated, I don't consider such things insults). This particular girl, for what it's worth, proceeded to pay for my beer by showing the beer dispenser her breast. Anyway...
After High Mayhem, the boy and I went to our fourth and last stop of the evening, a birthday party, and the first words out of the birthday girl's mouth (after hello) were, "Julia, we figured out who would play you on the TV show! Amy Winehouse!"
(It's probably a sign of my generation that I knew exactly what she meant, since deciding who would play one on a TV show or movie is a regular past-time among my peers. Long ago, when playing this game at work (who would play us on a TV version of the Santa Fe Reporter), my boss said Selma Hayek should play me. It must be the hair).
OK, enough of this nonsense!